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With this performance management course managers will understand the importance reviewing their teams performance regularly, how to recognise needs within the team, and how feedback and recognition can be used to develop the team whilst being able to created effective objectives for all.

Performance management is a valued skill, and can be an important part of what makes (or breaks) team or company morale. But it can be hard to master. What does it involve?

Our 60-minute online course explores the topic in detail. Designed for new or experienced managers in any sector, it covers all the topics needed to ensure that, once completed, any manager will feel more confident in their performance management abilities.

This course covers the following topics:

· The importance of regularly reviewing and managing team’s performance

· How to recognise the needs of a team during the different stages of their careers

· The difference between feedback and recognition and how both can be used to develop teams

· How a manager can create effective objectives for themselves and their team

This course has been designed to help you grow expert managers in your company. It is not only high quality and cost effective (as all our courses are), but, through our human-centred design, it has been designed with the learner at the heart. Not only are they able to learn at a time and pace that suits them, but we make sure it is a meaningful and engaging learner experience by including a range of media, including video, challenges and downloadable resources.

This course is also available as part of our ILM Assured Leadership and Management Training Packagedesigned to help develop the managers and leaders of the future.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements

Who is the course aimed at?

Roles including:

  • Senior or middle management
  • New or aspiring managers
  • Experienced managers
  • Project Managers

What will I study?

  • The importance of regularly reviewing and managing your team’s performance.
  • Recognise the needs of your team during the different stages of their careers.
  • Identify the difference between feedback and recognition and how to use both to develop teams.
  • How to create effective objectives for yourself and your team.

How will I be assessed?

Online study



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