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Confidence-Building Techniques for Personal and Professional Development £10.00 (+VAT)

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Confidence is something that many of us feel we lack, and an improvement in our confidence can have a positive impact on our lives – both in our personal life, as well as our professional one.

This is why we have designed this short confidence building training course to help you develop your confidence. It not only explores the context of confidence – what confidence is, its associated behaviours and the confidence of the British society – but it also provides useful hints and tips, such as helpful confidence building techniques, a tool to assess your own confidence, and an action plan document to help you put a plan into practice. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their confidence.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements

Who is the course aimed at?

This short online course is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop or improve their confidence.

It explores what confidence is and its associated behaviours, and provides useful techniques and resources for you to use.

What will I study?

 The course covers the following topics:
  • What confidence is and its associated behaviours
  • How confident you are, and the British society as a whole
  • How to improve confidence
  • Setting targets to build confidence
  • Action planning, including an action plan download


How will I be assessed?

Online study



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