Before coming to Springboard, Christine worked as a member of Cabin Crew for an airline. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, she was made redundant after 33 years of work in the travel industry and needed to find employment elsewhere. Since Christine had very little IT skills at the time, she decided to take our ECDL Course in order to improve her job prospects, and has now surpassed herself by completing both the Level 1 and Level 2 Qualification.

With her newfound IT skills, Christine has been taking a Counselling course and impressing her tutor with her PowerPoint proficiency, while also utilising her Spreadsheet know-how to help with her family’s business. She is now looking forward to a relaxing Summer before starting her Level 3 Counselling Course in September 2021.

“Anybody who has no IT experience should join as it is has been the foundation for my new skills. I would now feel confident going to a job interview and saying that I had the IT skills they needed.”