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Microsoft Word 2016 – Set of 3 Interactive Courses £25.00 (+VAT)

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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular document creation and formatting software applications. In these interactive lessons dedicated to its capabilities, learners will develop the skills they need to become an expert in Microsoft Word.

The courses will cover:

  • The program’s interface and how it works
  • How to use the text and its formatting
  • How to insert tables and other different graphical elements into the created documents and edit them
  • The necessary adjustments required before printing a document, such as setting its headers and footers and dividing it into sections
  • How to apply various templates, styles and themes in order to achieve a professional appearance for your documents
  • Advanced techniques, such as recording macros and creating forms

Entry Requirements


Who is the course aimed at?

This online training will help learners who may or may not have previous experience with the Microsoft Word program to develop their skills and understanding of the software and how it works, to improve their work or employability.

Who should take this course?

These courses are aimed at anyone who uses Microsoft Office, whether that is in study, at home or at work. As our courses are tailored to all abilities with introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, they are suitable for all learners. This ranges from beginners to those learners who want to refresh and update knowledge they already have.


What will I study?

Elearning content

  • MS Word 2016: Introduction
  • MS Word 2016: Intermediate
  • MS Word 2016: Advanced


All learners who successfully complete the course will be able to download and print a certificate. As this is an excellent indication of your skills, we suggest you keep it for your own records in order to show current or future employers.

How will I be assessed?

Online study



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