Perfusion Biotechnology Ltd- Research Technician

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Based in Macclesfield

About Us:

Perfusion Biotechnology Limited is a new company focused on developing new medical devices and therapies that improve healthcare globally. We have a special interest in technology related to transplant, trauma and critical care. Our business also provides a novel alternative to large animal experimentation, that can be used by outside researchers to test biomedical materials, medical devices and therapies.

As our organisation grows we will support the local community by providing jobs for people with the ability, but not the opportunity, to work within healthcare research. We would therefore welcome a bright, enthusiastic and hard working individual to join our team through the Kickstart programme.

Main Responsibilities 

The successful candidate will be fully embedded in the company and receive broad training in all aspects of the laboratory as a Research Technican. The main responsibility of the Research Technician will be to support our team of scientists in day to day activities. Training will include general lab techniques (preparing chemicals and solutions, measuring liquids, building surgical circuits, using surgical/theatre equipment), as well as lab maintenance, stock taking, and organisation. The Research Technician will join our in-house training, which includes ‘lecture style’ presentations around health and disease.

At the end of the 6 month post the candidate will have had sufficient exposure to work as a Research Technician.

Skills Required

We are looking for an individual who is motivated to learn new skills and be able to work within a team environment. We do not necessarily need qualifications, but trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and the ability to learn quickly are essential criteria.