Cheshire Wildlife Trust Wellbeing Officer

Based in Malpas

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is a grassroots conservation charity with a mission to bring wildlife back – for everyone, everywhere. We are part of a nationwide movement of the 47 Wildlife Trusts working locally and influencing nationally. We work to protect wildlife through better management of the outdoors and work to connect people to nature so more people act on nature’s behalf. Within our nature connection work our Wellbeing with Nature programme connects those experiencing poor health or furthest from the job market to reach their goals. This role will support the delivery of the 6 week Wellbeing with Nature programme.  

This role will be supporting the facilitators delivering the programme to:  

  • Support the development of vulnerable adults to reach their goals  
  • Support the creative delivery of sessions 
  • Support the delivery of volunteer for nature tasks which may involve :
  • Practical conservation tasks  
  • Habitat management  
  • Creating animal feeders or homes  
  • Species surveying  
  • Collect baseline and ongoing monitoring by supporting participants to complete surveys